Meet Tiffany...Interior Designer.  Inspired World Traveler.  Fancy Hat lover.  Motor City Soul.  Southern Charm.  Spelling Bee Champion.  Self-Proclaimed foodie,  and Principal Designer at Tiffany René Interior Design.  With an innate sense of personal style, Tiffany is known for infusing her love for fashion and travel to create classic and clean lined interiors with an edgy flair.  


BACKGROUND  Through humble beginnings growing up in Detroit's Historic New Center Area, Principal Designer Tiffany Cobb attributes her discerning eye for design to her early admiration of the historic 1920's homes that lined the pedestrian-only street in her neighborhood.  "I grew up in a tiny apartment at the end of the street, but had the pleasure of walking past these amazing homes that were built for GM executives.  At every opportunity I'd fantasize about what it would be like to live in one, not knowing that my intrigue was merely a glimpse of my future as a designer."  Needless to say, Tiffany began the pursuit of her passion for Interior design at a very early age. She often recalls that, “while other children played outside, I found myself perusing through my grandmother’s Architectural Digest & Better Homes magazines.” Twenty years later, her passion is still exceedingly present as she creates dwellings that are not only impressive, but functional and well suited to the client’s personal taste and vision.  

EDUCATION Tiffany received a BA in Human Communication with minor studies in Architecture from Morris Brown College.  She later continued her education in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta, while spearheading the Marketing division at Classic Design Services.  Having worked at one of the top Interior Design Installation and Logistics companies for over 7 years, Tiffany grew familiar with several high-end flagship showrooms, and developed an expertise in coordinating Interior Design installations and logistics throughout the United States for her clients.  She asserts that “Having great taste is only half the battle; a designer who lacks planning is a logistical nightmare waiting to happen!”  She later honed her design skills while working under the direction of Sondae Wall Interior Design, before starting her own firm in 2006.  Her design philosophy is centered on her strong communications background, lending itself to her ability to effectively explain the design process, and listen to the client to understand exactly what they would like to convey in their space.   


Tiffany René  Interior Design attracts clients from across the United States with designs for both the public and private sectors including residences, recording studios, hair salons, and restaurants.  Recent Interior Design projects include Patchwerk Recording Studios, Startaki Hair Lounge, and the renovation of the South Fulton Tennis Center in Atlanta, GA.